AgroNegociosCR was born as an entrepreneurial idea of ​​Eng. Carlos Blair Loría, a young native from a rural area in Costa Rica, Nicoya, Guanacaste. In 2004 Carlos moved to the EARTH University in the humid tropics, to train him as an agronomist.

In 2007 he graduated and started his own work, starting in agricultural production. At the end of 2008, he started working as a Teacher and Advisor in the National Learning Institute, Agricultural Core. Always with the vision of achieving entrepreneurship in the Agro.

For 2010 and after sharing experiences of agricultural extension with producers in rural areas for all over Costa Rica for two years. The idea of ​​undertaking Agroinnovative projects that include the introduction of Agroindustrial technologies and processes, that allow the generation of added value, to develop commercial units, that take the manufactured products to the national and international market, thus generating a true concept of Agrobusiness.

During the last 8 years, Mr. Blair has worked in developing and consolidating these Agro-Innovative projects through Oilcrops Research such as Jatropha, Higuerilla and Acrocomia for Biofuels and Bioadditives, production of SuperFoods, establishment of agroindustrial processing plants and added value, consulting in countries such as Cuba, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Colombia and Panama. Generating a network of contacts, allies and an advisory and investor group with business experience in order to strengthen the entrepreneurial idea as a generating company of Economic, Social and Environmental Value

AgroNegocios Costa Rica

AgroNegocios Costa Rica

The option for Agro-innovator and Business generator

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