Luffa Cylindrica Project

This project was born, with the purpose of evaluating Luffa varieties imported from Mexico and China, in order to know their agronomic management, productivity level and sowing window. And so evaluate the technical and economic options to provide the market with natural fiber, with different industrial uses. Used today in airplane seats, automobiles, among other applications such as paper making and filters (TE bags, etc)

Luffa Costa Rica

Luffa Costa Rica

Today, we know which are the varieties of Luffa, more adept at our climatic and soil conditions. In addition to its management, zones and sowing seasons, for the production of NATURAL FIBER. Today at the technical level we have the learning curve, to produce this crop, and we are looking for the market options that best suit our scheme.

AgroNegocios Costa Rica

The option for Agro-innovator and Business generator

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